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Our Website Technical Support Standards

Software Updates

Regular software updates for your website to ensure security, performance, and compatibility with new technologies. This allows your site to run smoothly, quickly, and be resilient against potential threats.


Systematic website and data backups to swiftly restore your site in case of failure or information loss. We guarantee the safety of your data and minimize the risk of losing valuable information.

Content Updates

Implementation of client-provided content, including adding, modifying, or removing existing materials on the website. Our service ensures efficient content updates so your site is always current and tailored to user needs and client expectations.

Security Hardening

Monitoring and implementing appropriate safeguards to protect your site against hacker attacks, malware, and other threats. We guarantee the security of your website and user data.


Rapid diagnosis and resolution of any malfunctions or technical issues on your site to ensure uninterrupted, stable operation. We are available to solve problems and keep your site in optimal condition.

Comprehensive Technical Support

We provide versatile technical services encompassing both maintenance and development of the website. We offer current support as well as assistance with new features and enhancements to help you stand out in the market.


IT Support



Monthly Subscription

  • Software updates (CMS, plugins, templates)
  • Weekly website backups
  • Content updates (up to 2 changes per month)
  • Basic website security
  • Troubleshooting (up to 2 interventions per month)



Monthly Subscription

  • All Basic Maintenance options
  • Content updates (up to 5 changes per month)
  • Advanced website security
  • Troubleshooting (up to 5 interventions per month)
  • Graphic designer support (up to 3 hours per month)
  • Website monitoring tool



Monthly Subscription

  • All Advanced Maintenance options
  • Dedicated support person
  • Content updates (up to 15 changes per month)
  • Troubleshooting (up to 10 interventions per month)
  • Graphic designer support (up to 7 hours per month)
  • Advanced website monitoring tool

Website administration

Excellent maintenance of my website! The Optiweb team always responds quickly to the needs of our business, and their expert advice allows us to continually develop our site. I highly recommend them!

Katarzyna Gajlewicz

Feedback from Facebook

Optiweb is professional website management. With their help, we managed to increase traffic to the site and acquire new clients. Thanks to their support, our business is developing dynamically.

Michał Lis

Feedback from Facebook

Updating websites has never been so easy. Optiweb took care of our site, implementing modern solutions and functionalities. I wholeheartedly recommend cooperating with them!

Anna Musiał

Feedback from Facebook

Having our website maintained by Optiweb is the best decision we could have made. Thanks to their professionalism and attention to detail, our site has come alive and achieved better search engine results.

Magdalena Kędzierska

Feedback from Facebook

FAQ website maintenance

Website maintenance encompasses a wide range of services like securing, developing, optimizing, administering, updating, and sustaining a website. Our company offers comprehensive solutions to ensure your site runs smoothly and is always up to date.

Website administration services include managing the domain, hosting, server configuration, software installation and configuration, backups, security monitoring, technical troubleshooting, and managing email accounts and integrations with other services. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to guarantee your site operates flawlessly.

The frequency of website updates depends on the website type, content, and user needs. We recommend regular content updates to keep the site engaging and current. Additionally, it’s important to perform technical updates like software and security patches to ensure smooth website functioning.

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