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Projektowanie logo

If you are looking for a professional logo design for your company, we are at your disposal. As experienced graphic designers, we have the knowledge and skills to create a unique and original logo that will distinguish your company in the market.


Logo design price

Ready logo

  • 6 proposals
  • Fast execution
  • Consulting and support
  • Open files
  • Bitmap files
  • Work until full satisfaction

Logo designs for companies

Our creation process

Step by step to the perfect logo

Analysis of client needs and market

First, we conduct a detailed analysis of client needs, the industry they operate in, and the competition.

Searching for ideas and inspiration

We look for inspirations and create logo sketches based on the analysis. We want to find a concept that perfectly captures the character of the company.

Selection of typography and color palette

We choose the appropriate font and colors that will communicate the desired values. We care about legibility and stylistic consistency.

Selection of the best concepts

From the created proposals, we choose those that best meet the brief assumptions. We consult them with the client.

Testing and improving

We test the legibility and memorability of the logo. We make corrections to achieve the best possible end result.

Finalization and file preparation

We refine the version chosen by the client. We prepare files in various formats ready for use.

FAQ logo design

A logo is the basis of a company’s visual identity, on which the entire visual brand identity system is based. The logo translates the brand metaphor into creating an emotional connection with the consumer, building memorability, and increasing brand value.

We create ready logo projects starting from 99€.

  1. Analysis of the client brief and analysis of competitors’ logos
  2. Visual associations. Creating a mood board for the project
  3. Searching for inspirations. Creating sketches and unfinished logo versions that would reveal additional meanings in the creative process
  4. Textual part. Working with fonts, selecting and improving or drawing the textual part of the logo
  5. Choosing the best options for improvement and presentation to the client
  6. Creating the presentation. Preparing logo mockups, describing each logo option and justifying the choice of shape and color
  7. Final logo refinement. The selected option is improved to an ideal look
  8. Completing the project. Delivering the logo to the client in different formats for web and print

  • Unique. For the ability to register as a trademark.
  • Understandable. The logo should contain a hidden idea that it conveys.
  • Adaptive. The logo should look appropriate on every medium.
  • Memorable. Contributes to brand recognition and desire to make a purchase. It should evoke clear associations leading directly to the brand.
  • Global and universal. If the logo meaning is understandable to most consumers – the goal is achieved.
  • Timeless. The logo should look current in 5-10 years.
  • Simple. The most important criterion of a quality logo.

Vector format is a flexible file format that allows you to enlarge or change the color of a logo without losing quality. Logos in vector format are usually used for print or file editing. Such logos usually have extensions like .pdf .cdr .ai .eps .svg.

Design time depends on the number of revisions and continuity of conversation between the client and the company. In our company, this process takes 7 to 14 business days.

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