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Our E-commerce Website Development Standards

Usability and Navigation

An online store should be user-friendly and have intuitive navigation. Well-designed menus, clear product categories, a search function, and ease of movement around the website make users more inclined to explore the store’s offerings and make purchases.

Security and Privacy

Customers expect their data to be protected when using an online store. It is important to implement proper security measures such as SSL protocol, protection against cyberattacks, and also to safeguard customer privacy by adhering to relevant data protection regulations.

Responsiveness and accessibility

More and more people are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is important for an online store to be responsive, meaning it adapts to various screen resolutions. Additionally, the store should be accessible to individuals with different needs, including those with disabilities, using assistive technologies like screen readers.

Streamlined Checkout Process

An important aspect of an online store is a smooth and user-friendly ordering process. The checkout process should be simple, transparent, and fast, with the option to use various payment methods such as credit cards, online payments, or cash on delivery.

Product Search and Filtering

An online store should provide product search and filtering features to help customers find the right items. The ability to search for products by category, price, brand, size, or color makes it easier for customers to locate what they are looking for.

Scalability and Flexibility of the Store

When choosing technologies and tools, it’s important to consider their capabilities in the context of future development of the online store. Good solutions should be scalable and flexible, allowing for easy modifications, the addition of new features, and increased store performance as it grows and as customer and market needs change.


E-commerce Website Development


from 599€

Small Online Store

  • Responsive E-commerce Template
  • Domain and hosting configuration
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Integration with a Single Payment System
  • Shopping Cart Configuration and Order Process Setup
  • Basic contact forms
  • Two graphics on request
  • Setting Up Shipping Methods
  • 15% site tech support discount


from 1199€

Medium-Sized Online Store

  • All Features of the E-commerce Starter Package
  • Free SEO consultation
  • Marketing Support and Data Analysis
  • Premium SSL Secured Pages
  • Basic website speed optimization
  • Integration with Multiple Payment Systems
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Analytics Tools Configuration
  • 20% site tech support discount


from 2199€

Large Online Store

  • All Features of the E-commerce Standard Package
  • Custom Graphic Projects
  • Advanced SEO Optimization
  • Integration with various APIs
  • Advanced Page Speed Optimization
  • Dedicated Support for 3 Months
  • Advanced Custom Features
  • 30% site tech support discount

E-commerce Website Development

OptiWeb created a professional online store for me that meets all my expectations. Their team was very helpful at every stage of the project, from choosing the right platform to implementation and optimization. Thanks to their work, my company gained new customers and increased sales. I highly recommend OptiWeb!

Jakub Kowalczyk

Feedback from Facebook

I chose OptiWeb’s services to create my online store, and I am very satisfied with the results. The project was executed with attention to detail, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing. Everything was tailored to my needs, and the OptiWeb team was always ready to provide support. I highly recommend their services!

Agnieszka Nowicka

Feedback from Facebook

OptiWeb’s e-commerce website creation service is a perfect choice. Their team created a modern, responsive online store for me that works great on various devices. All the features were implemented according to my expectations, and the creation process was smooth and on schedule. I recommend OptiWeb to everyone!

Tomasz Wolski

Feedback from Facebook

OptiWeb is a company I can trust. Their team helped me create an online store from scratch, paying attention to every detail. The end result exceeded my expectations, and the store started generating profits shortly after. Communication with the team was top-notch. I highly recommend OptiWeb!

Katarzyna Dąbrowska

Feedback from Facebook

Collaborating with OptiWeb has been an absolute pleasure. They created an online store for me that not only looks fantastic but also has all the necessary features that make sales management easy. Their team was highly engaged and available at every stage of the project. Thanks to them, my business has gained a new dimension on the internet. I highly recommend OptiWeb!

Łukasz Przybylski

Feedback from Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Stores

An online store is a digital platform that enables the sale of products or services over the internet. It’s worth starting an online store because it allows you to reach a wider audience, reduce business operating costs, and enables the store to operate 24/7.

The key steps include: choosing the right e-commerce platform, registering a domain and getting hosting, designing and implementing an attractive and functional website, adding products or services, implementing secure payment methods, and promoting the store.

The most popular e-commerce platforms include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Shoper, and Wix. The choice of the right platform depends on individual needs, budget, and technical expertise.

The key factors include an attractive and functional website design, intuitive navigation, a wide range of products, competitive prices, fast and efficient customer service, secure payment methods, and an effective marketing strategy.

The time it takes to create an online store depends on various factors such as individual client needs, project complexity, the number of products to add, or integration with external systems. In our company, the process of creating a store can take from several weeks to several months. We work closely with our clients at every stage to ensure the project is delivered according to their expectations and on schedule. We also provide the opportunity to make adjustments to ensure the final product is fully satisfying.

The costs of running an online store can vary depending on the platform, hosting, technologies used, and marketing strategies. Basic costs include domain registration fees, hosting, potential fees for using an e-commerce platform, and marketing expenses. It’s worth noting that some of these costs are fixed, while others are related to the amount of traffic generated or the number of products sold.

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